Half term at Stowe

Visit Stowe this half term for autumn adventures, fresh air and fun with your family and friends. You can explore the sensory trail in Lamport Garden, tick off a '50 thing' or enjoy autumn emerging around you.

Carve pumpkins for Stowe

While we can't run our normal half-term trail, we would really like to display carved pumpkins in our temples and monuments, creating a pumpkin spectacular in our beautiful gardens. To get involved, you can carve your pumpkin at home and drop it off at Stowe on your next visit and we will add to our display.

  • Our pumpkins will be on display from 19 October – 1 November
  • Once the pumpkins start to lose shape, or after 1 November, all our pumpkins will be composted here at Stowe by the garden team
  • Please write your name or group name on the back of your pumpkin in black permanent marker; our visitors would love to see your work

We can’t wait to see your creations! If you feel like a challenge, why not try and carve your favourite Stowe monument into a pumpkin?

Check back in on our Facebook and Twitter to see photos of everyone’s creations.

Pumpkin madness
Scary Pumpkin
Pumpkin madness

Discover somewhere new...

Autumn is a magical time at Stowe, and a great time to see what you can spot in nature. Grab your wellies and wrap up to discover the delights of Autumn at Stowe. As well as colour throughout the garden, the ramble through Lamport Garden offers sensory delight for all to enjoy. 

As well as leaves to collect, conkers to find and puddles to be splashed in, why not explore further reaches of the garden? Wick Quarter is a great place for hide and seek with your friends, and has a few hidden challenges.

How many paw prints can you find in Wick Quarter?
A paw print in Wick Quarter hanging on a fence
How many paw prints can you find in Wick Quarter?

'50 things' - Autumn favourites

There are 37 things to do at Stowe to kick start your adventure. You can pick up the pace, running in acres of space or take your chances swinging from the branches of our trees.

  • No 10 Play conkers – Head down Bell Gate Drive or to Hawkwell Mead next to the Temple of Firnedship where you'll find the best haul of fallen conkers to set up a game

  • No 16 Wear a wild crown – with thousands of trees, you're spoilt for choice. Just pick a day with a little breeze, wait patiently and watch the leaves tumble to grab some golden decorations to add to a crown.

  • No 21 Forage for wild food – pick blackberries growing in the wild, turn right at Bell Gate and follow the Ha-ha walls along the outside perimeter of the gardens to find brambles and blackberries. You can also find apples in the parkland, turning right at Bell Gate to find the old Sheep’s nose apple tree behind the Temple of Friendship

  • No 44 Watch a bird – spot Swans, Robins, Lapwings, Mallard ducks, Greylag geese, Blue tits sweeping across the lakes 
  • No 49 Watch the sunset – In the October half term, you'll be able to see sunset approximately between 4.30pm and 5pm just before the gardens close, it's a lovely way to experience the gardens to end a fun filled day

 When mother nature rains

Here are our top tips for embracing the rain and having fun at Stowe for fearless families:

  • You can complete these '50 things' - No 6 Go welly wandering, No 13 Make a mud creation, No 17 Set up a snail race, No 29 Explore a cave

  • To dodge rain showers, use the temples as shelters

  • Temples with shelter, some benches or to use for picnic spots are: The Lake Pavilions, Concord and Victory, Ancient Virtue, The Grotto, The Cascade (there are small nooks to sit in), Queens Temple, The Fane of Pastoral Poetry