May half term at Stowe

Two girls and a girl and Mum running a piggy back race by a large classical bridge with a lake in the background

Embrace the sunshine and get outdoors for family adventures this half term between 23 and 31 May. Let the kids run wild with the freedom to explore, jump, climb and go hunting for bugs with a wide variety of activities which are available throughout the week whatever the weather.

Try something different - Sat 23 May

This is one of the three days of the year the gardens are closed. Take the opportunity to explore 1,000 acres of parkland and variety of wildlife. It's a great way to see views of the garden from another perspective and lovely to stop half-way for a picnic. All of the facilities at the New Inn visitor centre will be open. Pick up a map or try some of the below '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities.

Wild Wednesday

Book your children onto a nature adventure for Walk on the wild side. Get them closer to nature on a walk to complete as many of the '50 things' challenges as possible. Running on 27 May from 10.30am-12noon, this event is very popular, so book now to avoid disappointment. £3 per child with normal admission applying. 

Family explorers

Every season there’s a different theme for your family to enjoy whilst having a go at some of the '50 things' activities. Borrow a free family explorer guide when you arrive or download it here to print and bring with you. In May it’s spring seekers and it's available daily throughout the month.

Bug hunting

Spring seekers

Seek out nature's gifts as spring blooms back to life with this sensory guide to help you discover which birds to spot, flowers to find and creepy crawlies to uncover from their winter hiding.

Weather experts

Here are our top tips for embracing the outdoors whatever the weather at Stowe.

  • When the sun is shining, you'll find the wooded areas and temples a good space to rest and find some shade

  • The gardens are large. For fun days out with smiling kids at the end, bring sunhats, sun cream and bottles of water to stay hydrated. Plan a route to decide how far you'll go and choose rest stops along the way

  • To dodge rain showers, use the temples as shelters

  • Temples with shelter, some benches or to use for picnic spots are: The Lake Pavilions, Concord and Victory, Ancient Virtue, The Grotto, The Cascade (there are small nooks to sit in), Queens Temple, The Fane of Pastoral Poetry

  • You'll find seasonal items for sale in our shop if you've left something behind at home

  • Ice creams are on sale in the shop as well as the cafe, if you need a quick family pick-me-up                         

Enjoying a moment of "Ahh, ice cream" on a fun day out
Two young children, a boy and girl sat with sunhats on, in the sunshine eating ice creams
Enjoying a moment of "Ahh, ice cream" on a fun day out

50 things to do before you're 11 ¾

Show nature you care by getting outside and getting involved