Horse riding at Stowe

Enjoy getting active as well as taking in the scenery Stowe has to offer by going on a horse ride through its lyrical landscapes. Applications are now open for our 2022 Permit Scheme.

A ride around Stowe

Spend half a day exploring the wider countryside from a new vantage point when you ride through the historic parkland. Follow 3.5 miles of permit route and an additional 2.6 miles of bridleways and see the seasons change with crisp frosts to blooming wildflower meadows and buttery autumn colours. 

Designed sight lines were made to allow views of the garden to be seen from the parkland, with the monuments and features providing a backdrop of storytelling of how nature and the park plays an important part of the estate. See many our iconic monuments only by accessing the park on four legs. 

" As a charity, we rely upon volunteer Rangers to support the maintenance and protection of this special place. When you choose to purchase an annual riding permit, it helps us to undertake this vital work. "

How the permit works

Before you set off to explore Stowe's trails, you will need to apply for a permit. With this you'll be provided with a map. New members to the scheme will need to purchase a tabard, whilst existing members will need to renew their permit annually. Applications are now open for our 2022 Permit Scheme.

We kindly ask all riders to ring in advance if you're intending to bring a horse box. We can then advise if parking is available in our coach park at the New Inn. 

Download the application form here.

Riding responsibly 

Stowe is enjoyed by many visitors and home to grazing livestock. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit, please take a read through our riding code below:

  • Stay to the designated riding route
  • No galloping
  • Respect the route by not using it in periods of poor ground conditions
  • Fasten all gates
  • Always wear your tabard
  • Report any damage around route to National Trust office: 01280 817156
  • Be courteous to other users of the park, National Trust team members and tenants
  • Observe National Trust byelaws
Sheep and lambs are in their hundreds across the hillside at Stowe on a sunny spring day

Making riding safe for everyone

The horse riding permit route goes through areas used for different purposes. To ensure all the users of the Stowe estate enjoy their time and are safe, all horse riding permit holders are asked to uphold the riding code.