Summer at Stowe

Summer is a magical time at Stowe. Enjoy a brisk walk early in the morning for a sense of stillness and to hear the birds chattering away. As the trees begin to become full of leaves, they hide the landscape waiting to purposefully surprise you as you walk down a winding path to a sudden break in the branches to lead your eye to a far off distant view.

Admire the view

Walk a few minutes and to your delight you’re at that view that seemed so distant only a while ago. Stay late in the afternoon to see the sun glittering across the lakes and creating mystical reflections and shadows. It’s particularly special at the Ruin of the Cascades where two lakes join together. Stowe is open daily this summer, 10am-5pm during the week and 9am-5pm at weekends.

In summer, the lakeside garden at Stowe, Buckinghamshire, comes alive with bright blooms and buzzing bees and insects
A bumblebee flies towards a yellow iris with a lake and temple in the background
In summer, the lakeside garden at Stowe, Buckinghamshire, comes alive with bright blooms and buzzing bees and insects

Summer highlights

  • Look out for the Indian bean tree, tulip tree and mock orange, all displaying their delightful summer blooms.
  • Stop by the Sleeping Wood with its meandering paths and colourful flowering shrubs, you'll find roses, lilac and honesuckle. You can also keep an eye on the restoration work we are currently completing in this area.
  • Water lilies on Octagon lake - you may be lucky enough to see them flowering.
  • Find the Cranesbill by Pebble Alcove and the bright Coneflower by the Temple of Concord and Victory.
  • If you need to cool down visit Lamport, the cooling rock and water garden or head to the Elysian Fields near the Grotto where the lush foliage offers lots of shade.
" I love the start of summer as the garden starts to explode with colour and scent, starting with the wonderful Lilacs and Philapdelphus around the garden then the early summer roses start to show off, including our beautiful moss roses at the back of the Temple of Venus. I’m also looking forward to late June/early July this year as it's always a wonderful time to see a lot of the wildflower meadows in bloom, including the Bee and Pyramid Orchids. This year we have worked hard to change more areas around the garden and parkland to wildflower meadows so I can’t wait to see the results this year and over the coming years. "
Painted Lady spotted on Knapweed wildflower
Painted Lady spotted on a Knapweed wildflower
Painted Lady spotted on Knapweed wildflower


A sight to see over the summer is the abundance of wildflowers that appear down the avenues and in our meadows. From common spotted orchids to knapweed, you'll see a wide variety across the gardens as they spread and develop. 

Download our wildflower meadow map and take a route to relaxation as you follow the mown paths through the meadows and sit down amongst the grass in our sensory circles. Have a mindful meadow moment as you take in the sounds and scents of nature around you. 

From our garden to yours…

To celebrate the launch of the National Trust’s School of Gardening book we will be sharing seasonal hints and tips across the garden on our log slices. Pick up a postcard from the New Inn courtyard or shop and make a note of any tips you see during your visit or ask the garden and park team a question when you see them out and about.

Don't forget to stop by the shop to browse our selection of peat-free seasonal plants from our regularly refreshed range carefully chosen from family run UK suppliers and pick something up to add to your own outdoor space.

Feel free to stop and chat to any of the gardeners at Stowe, they love to talk about what they're working on.
A man smiles as he talks to a lady and shows her some purple flowers
Feel free to stop and chat to any of the gardeners at Stowe, they love to talk about what they're working on.

Meet the team

Find the team working in the garden and take the opportunity to discover more about the work they are doing and ask any questions you might have. The team can be found on the following dates, 10am-3pm:

  • Wednesday 8 September - Fane of Pastoral Poetry
  • Wednesday 15 September - Lamport Garden
  • Wednesday 22 September - Labyrinth 


Bring a hamper

Pick a quiet spot to lay down the rug. Bring your hamper and enjoy a traditional picnic in the gardens. We hope you enjoy the tranquil moments to be had on lazy days, all we ask is you take any rubbish home with you.

Picnic in a summer meadow
Family enjoying a summer picnic
Picnic in a summer meadow


Try a midweek visit

We know some of you like a more peaceful visit. We’re busiest at weekends, so if you’re looking for a quieter day out, why not visit during the week if you can?