Shopping at Stowe

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, a memento of your visit or a treat for yourself, we’re sure you will find something here. We support local suppliers by showcasing a large range of gift cards, books, local crafts and produce, including confectionery, cider, beers and fragrances for body and home. Every purchase contributes directly to the work being undertaken at Stowe.

The Beauties of Stowe
The Beauties of Stowe at the New Inn at Stowe Landscape Garden

The Beauties of Stowe

An exclusive range of ceramics which take their inspiration from landscape gardens are available in the shop. Influenced by Wedgwood’s dinner and dessert service for Catherine the Great which celebrated views of British landscapes, including Stowe gardens, the British designer Katy West, has created The Beauties of Stowe, a family of three elegant and understated China jars. 
Capturing the spirit of three of Stowe’s most popular garden buildings: the Rotunda, the Chinese House and the Fane of Pastoral Poetry. Each jar is hand-made in the UK from vitrified Parian china with a platinum finish and is one of a special edition of 100. Of her work Katy says,'I fell in love with the buildings at Stowe and I wanted to bring elements of their beauty from the outside into interior spaces for people to enjoy.'
She continues: 'Imbued with references to the historic styles of the follies and garden buildings of Stowe the jars may be functional and when not in use sit ornamentally.' In a playful reference to Wedgwood’s service which included a frog on each piece (a nod to the frogs in the marshes surrounding Catherine's palace), Katy has included the shadow of a greyhound in her jars. This is a tribute to Stowe’s owner, Viscount Cobham’s greyhound Fido, who can be found immortalised in the gardens within The Temple of British Worthies alongside British Greats such as Shakespeare and Milton. 

Made locally

Thanks to our friends at Chiltern Brewery, we've recreated an ale for New Inn. It's available in our shop and café. The bottle, with its specially designed label, makes a great present for friends and family.
Brackley-based Chris Pendleton often comes to Stowe for inspiration for his beautiful bird paintings and we stock special editions of his work. 

Gardening inspiration

Our plant centre has a wonderful seasonal range with all the benches set up to look like a garden border which helps you to choose the best additions for your home garden. You'll also discover a great range of gardening gifts, books and ornaments throughout the displays.
One of our highlights is our teak benches, horses head, and full horse sculptures make a very special addition to any garden. These handcrafted pieces are very sought after, give us a call to discuss availability on 01280 825016.

Sheds and summerhouses

Stowe is the local supplier for the National Trust range of sheds and summerhouses. Inspired by some of the outbuildings and summer houses from National Trust properties these quality garden rooms will create a wonderful addition to any garden. By buying your shed from us you will be supporting the restoration of the garden here at Stowe.

Christmas cupcakes

Stowe's Christmas shopping season

In November and December 2016, we'll be hosting a new Christmas shopping experience for our visitors from our atmospheric Parlour rooms. We're looking for stallholders who'll leap at the opportunity to sell their special and local products at Stowe.