Stowe House

If you had power and riches, how would you use them? In the eighteenth century, the powerful Temple-Grenville family chose to create an idyllic landscape filled with temples. Amidst these large gardens, they built the most lavish temple of all, Stowe House. This temple was so grand that even Queen Victoria was bewildered by its interiors.

From riches to rags

Filled with rooms imitating ancient worlds and classical ruins, the House reflects the flamboyant and colourful characters of its creators. Ceilings and walls decorated with hidden messages and mythology hint at the family’s former power and glory.
But wealth and power do not last forever. Excessive spending led to bankruptcy. Extravagant parties, royal visits and Italian Grand Tours gave way to scandal, intrigue and eventually abandonment. The richest family in England became the greatest debtors in the world.

Future looking up

In 1922, in the face of demolition, Stowe School saved the building from certain destruction. Unlike the loss and decline of many English country houses, Stowe House found a new and revived use for the 20th and 21st centuries as a school for boys and girls.

Restoring a treasure

Stowe House Preservation Trust was established in 1997 to restore the House and share this special place with the world. To see the estate in its entirety as you would have as a visitor in the 1800s, the National Trust work with Stowe House Preservation Trust and Stowe School to open it to visitors throughout the year.
You can go inside the House to see the results of one of the most pioneering restoration projects of the twenty-first century and see inside one of the most excessive homes in England.

Visit Stowe House

Stowe House is situated at the centre of the gardens and opened by Stowe House Preservation Trust. You can visit the house as part of your visit to the garden, but separate admission charges apply. Buy a house ticket online in advance or at the Stowe House Visitor Centre. It is approximately 0.8 miles from New Inn to the House so allow plenty of time to walk reach the House. Download the Stowe House welcome map. If you have access requirements, please find out more about access to the House.
Stowe House is managed and opened by the Stowe House Preservation Trust. Please visit the website for further information;