The big bulb plant at Stowe - 335,000!

We've got an exciting autumn ahead of us with a whopping 335,000 bulbs to plant in the gardens. Get stuck in with our team to help us achieve this monumental task to enjoy a big display of colour for years to come.

The spring flowers at Stowe have increased year on year, bringing colourful displays and delightful plants to the gardens. Between 15 and 26 October get the whole family involved in some green-fingered fun to make the displays even bigger and better. The activity will run Monday to Friday, from 10am-3pm.

Did you say 335,000?

It's no mean feat, there are a lot of bulbs to plant. With help from the gardens team, local schools, corporate volunteers, a bulb planting machine and members of the public, we're confident we can conquer this task. 

We're focusing on our favourites for Stowe:

  • We’ll be planting 125,000 bluebells along Bell Gate Drive. This'll create a meadow to welcome visitors as they stroll down to the historic entrance of the gardens
  • 200,000 snakeshead fritillaries will make a rare and delicate meadow as often this flower pops up in lonely occurences. We'll be adding to existing spots down Gurnet's Walk by the Sleeping Wood
  • Two different types of cyclamen are destined for the Lamport Garden
Delicate Snake's head fritillary
Two purple flowers
Delicate Snake's head fritillary

The task itself

When you arrive at the New Inn visitor centre, the welcome team will let you know which location the bulb plant is taking place in that day. Make your way down to the location where the gardeners will get you started. 

You'll be given 100 bulbs at a time and a set one meter square wooden frame to help line up where the bulbs need to be planted. You can choose as little or as many bulbs you want to help plant. Wear old, comfy clothes and suitable shoes or wellies as you're going to get stuck in and possibly muddy. We'll provide gloves and trowels, but feel free to bring along your own should you wish.

How do I get involved?

If you know when you can come along and help, please sign up below, the gardens team can make sure they've got all the equipment out and ready to go. Alternatively if your diary is flexible, you're welcome to drop in to the event on any of the days, your support would be greatly appreciated - the more the merrier.

Tulip and hyacinth planting at Dyrham Park

Sign up to a session

Sign up to get involved in The big bulb plant via the volunteer vacancies opportunity.

Four ladies are standing by some of the flowers and fauna at Stowe discussing the planting, they work for the National Trust

Get in touch

Drop us a message - send your details to sign up to the event or ask any questions, we love to chat.