Sutton Hoo

Hand-crafted replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet

Sutton Hoo short walk, near Woodbridge, Suffolk 

Stretch your legs on this short walk around our special place taking in the burial mounds and wildlife in the woods.

Summer at Sutton Hoo

Upcoming events

The Cemetery under the Visitor Centre

Sun 01 Oct 2017
Part of the Historia series. Discover the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in 2000 at Sutton Hoo and its significance for the royal burial-ground with Chris Fern.

Hoards, Halls, and Burials

Sun 01 Oct 2017
Part of the Historia series. How recent discoveries are changing our perceptions of Sutton Hoo with Leslie Webster.

Sutton Hoo: the contexts of the burial ground

Sun 08 Oct 2017
Part of the Historia series. Why is the burial ground located where it is, in the extreme south of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia? With Prof Tom Williamson of the University of East Anglia

Aspects of the sword at the time of Sutton Hoo

Sun 08 Oct 2017
Part of the Historia series.Consider whether the Sutton Hoo sword merit its reputation as the pre-eminent high status weapon found in an Anglo-Saxon grave with Paul Mortimer. The talk will be supported with reconstructed examples.

Mind the Pennies

Sun 15 Oct 2017
Part of the Historia series. Discover the money of Anglo-Saxon England with Rory Naismith.

Out of the Case

Sun 15 Oct 2017
Get a close up look at our fantastic collection of Sutton Hoo replica treasures at an informal talk and handling session in our Exhibition Hall. Made by master craftsmen using authentic techniques, our replicas show us what the treasures would...
Sutton Hoo

Eating and shopping

Visitors enjoying the outside seating area of the cafe at Sutton Hoo

Tempting Treats 

Join us for a bite to eat surrounded by stunning views and infused with a variety of locally sourced ingredients and products.

Locally made and specially designed pottery from the Sutton Hoo shop

Shopping at Sutton Hoo 

Why not pop into our shop or second hand bookshop on a visit for us and find a special memento of your day.

Sutton Hoo

Get involved

Sutton Hoo burial mound at sunrise

Support the transformation of Sutton Hoo 

Sutton Hoo is home to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. We want to preserve the history of this ancient landscape, whilst transforming the experience for our contemporary audiences. And we need your help.

Volunteers welcome visitors to Sutton Hoo

Join our team 

Make new friends, enjoy new experiences and become one of many important people in the Sutton Hoo volunteer team. From a house guide to a social media assistant or costume interpreter we've a role for you.

Sutton Hoo


Child explores Anglo Saxon life at Sutton Hoo

Discover a different way to learn 

Discover our learning experiences for your educational group. With guided and self-guided activity options on offer throughout the year and a programme suitable for all ages from primary pupils to university students, Sutton Hoo is a great place to learn.

Sutton Hoo


Sutton Hoo

Places to stay

Sutton Hoo Deben Flat Sitting Room

Holiday with us 

Explore the bustling Georgian town of Southwold, home of Adnams beer and discover the castle at Orford on your holiday to our special place.

Sutton Hoo

Our work

Solar panel on the roof of the Sutton Hoo visitor centre

From the Dark Age to the solar age at Sutton Hoo 

We've just installed solar photovoltaic panels at our visitor centre buildings at Sutton Hoo. By generating energy from the sun, we will be able to spend less on fuel bills and more on conservation.

Sutton Hoo royal burial mounds in a winter mist

Major Project looks to the future of Sutton Hoo... 

Find out more about our plans to review and redevelop the experience at this fantastically important archaeological site.

Sutton Hoo

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Sutton Hoo on the National Trust Collections website