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1939 was just the beginning...

In 1939 one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time was being uncovered at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk - the Great Ship Burial that's thought to be the final resting place of an Anglo-Saxon king. Now 80 years on, the story continues, as we countdown to an incredible new experience, coming this August.

Path through the trees at Sutton Hoo

Autumn at Sutton Hoo 

There's lots to see and do at Sutton Hoo this autumn, from colourful walks to real live archaeology

Upcoming events

Archaeology Live - Geophysics

Wed 23 Oct 2019
Help us scan Sutton Hoo and build a better picture of what lies deep beneath the soil.

Stargazing with DASH Astronomical Society

Wed 23 Oct 2019
Explore the night sky at Sutton Hoo with DASH Astronomical Society.

Tales by Torchlight

Fri 25 Oct 2019
As the sun sets over Sutton Hoo explore this fascinating landscape and discover the Anglo-Saxon storytellers with tales to tell of heroes, monsters and gods.

Gruesome Graves

Sun 03 Nov 2019
Take our free family tour to discover gruesome stories we've had to leave out of our 'normal' tours ...

Landscape Photography Workshop

Sun 10 Nov 2019
Explore Sutton Hoo through the lens of your camera and discover top tips from an expert photographer on developing your landscape photography skills.

Little Hoo-ligans Parent & Toddler Group

Thu 14 Nov 2019
This autumn, we’re inviting the little hoo-ligans of Suffolk to join us for a variety of activities and crafts in our new toddler sessions. As the trees shed their leaves and the days grow shorter, time spent outdoors becomes even more special.
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Burial Mound tour at Sutton Hoo

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Could volunteering at Sutton Hoo be for you? Find out all about the many different roles we have available. From a house guide, part of our education team or helping in our second hand bookshop, we've got a role for you.

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