The Tramper at Woolacombe

An all-terrain mobility scooter that can go ‘off road’ has opened up the coast and countryside around Woolacombe to people who have difficulty walking.

The all-terrain mobility scooter

We have teamed up with the Woolacombe & Mortehoe Tourist Information Centre and Countryside Mobility to make an all-terrain mobility scooter (or 'Tramper') available to hire Woolacombe.

The Tramper is now available to hire from the Woolacombe Tourist Information Centre, where people can currently enjoy a route through the sand dunes or use it to gain limited access to the beach. The hire facility becomes the latest of nearly 40 outdoor sites in the award-winning Countryside Mobility scheme which helps those with limited mobility to access the countryside and is operated by the charity, Living Options Devon.

Explore Woolacombe beach on the off-road Tramper
Tramper Woolacombe beach
Explore Woolacombe beach on the off-road Tramper
" Many people have found that Trampers have given them back their freedom, enabling them to enjoy time outdoors alone, with their partner or on a family outing. Those who discover Trampers love them and are always for looking for new places to explore."
- Neil Warren, Countryside Mobility Project Manager

How to try out a Tramper

The Trampers can go up and down slopes, over bumps and tree roots, through shallow puddles, mud and soft ground and are for use by anyone who struggles with walking whether through age, or a permanent or temporary condition. With a top speed of four miles an hour they can keep pace with the briskest walking companion.

On arrival at Woolacombe Tourist Information Centre those wishing to use the Tramper become members of Countryside Mobility, which costs £10.00 per year or £2.50 for 2 week ‘Taster Membership’. Training is provided on how to use a Tramper lasting approximately 10 minutes.  As a member they are then able use a Tramper at any of the 36 sites around the South West.

Booking is strongly recommended in advance via Woolacombe Tourist Information Centre. Call 01271 870553 or e-mail

Enjoy a ride around Woolacombe dunes on an all-terrain mobility scooter
Tramper Woolacombe dunes
Enjoy a ride around Woolacombe dunes on an all-terrain mobility scooter

Five years ago the National Trust teamed up with Countryside Mobility to introduce two Tramper routes to Heddon Valley, Exmoor. This has made the stunning valley and carriageway towards Woody Bay much more accessible to those with limited mobility. There are now two Trampers available to hire from Heddon Valley, and their popularity continues to grow.

Details about Countryside Mobility and a list of the other Tramper locations can be found on the website or by calling 01392 459222. You can also find out more by following them on Twitter @CMSouthWest or Facebook CountrysideMobility.