50 Things to do before you're 11¾ at Kingston Lacy

Family building a den in the woodland at Kingston Lacy, Dorset

This summer tick off some of your 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 on the Kingston Lacy estate this summer. Explore the twisty paths of the woodland walk and even find a creature or two.

Build a den

Set along the magnificent woodland walk you will discover the perfect haven for hiding, with a plentiful supply of sticks and twigs for building materials.

Fly a kite 

Enjoy the lovely views and beautiful wildlife as you soar with your kite on our ancient Iron Age hill fort of Badbury Rings. Don’t forget your picnic.

Play pooh sticks

Our estate includes a delightful section of the River Stour, and Eyebridge is an ideal place to start your own pooh stick tournament. 

Make a grass trumpet 

The lawns at Kingston Lacy are perfect for making grass trumpets on lazy summer days. Who will make the loudest trumpet sound?

Make a trail with sticks

Can you lead your friends and family around the woodland with a trail made of sticks you find on the ground? 

Hold a scary beast

Our woodland trail offers the perfect habitat for all kinds of creepy crawlies – come and explore under rocks and in trees. Who is going to be the bravest?

Hunt for bugs

Based in the woodland trail, there are all manner of butterflies, caterpillars, beetles and spiders for you to hunt for.

Explore inside a tree

There are many trees to explore. What will you find inside? 


Track wild animals

The gardens and parkland are home to lots of wildlife including badgers, deer, foxes, otter and pheasants - See if you can spot any of them. Remember to stay quiet so you don’t scare them away. 

Go bird watching

We are the top ten site in the whole of the UK for bird watching so come and see some of the huge variety of birds including buzzards, woodpeckers, kingfishers and herons.
Kingston Lacy 50 Things map 2016 (PDF / 2.1689453125MB) download