Anglesey Abbey Dazzling Dahlias

Dahlias in a bucket at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire

There's a riot of colour found within the gardens, so join us as we celebrate the wide variety of dahlias found at Anglesey Abbey and marvel at the spectacular range of colours in our showstopper Dahlia and Formal Gardens.

Dazzling Dahlias

Daily until 30 September* | 9.30am - 5.30pm

Pick up our dahlia guide on arrival and explore the riot of colour across the dahlia border and formal garden. On weekdays our garden team will regularly be working in the dahlia border keeping it looking tip top, so you can ask those all-important dahlia questions to find out what goes into making the display such a success.

*With the recent changeable weather, our dahlias are taking a little longer than usual to come in to their own. We're hoping that the gardens will be in full flower by late August, but you may not quite see the usual spectacular show. We'll keep you updated with their progress on our social channels in the meantime. If you're making a special trip to see them, please do check with us before you come. You can email us or call 01223 810080.

There's plenty of opportunity for fabulous photos of our displays, and don't forget to share them by tagging us online #AADazzlingDahlias 

A rainbow of colour in the Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey

The Dahlia Garden at Anglesey Abbey 

Over 70 varieties of dahlia provide a dazzling display of colour right up until the first frosts of autumn. Click here to find out more about our Dahlia garden.

Dahlia 'Ella Britton' in the Formal Garden at Anglesey Abbey

The Formal Garden in autumn 

Find a striking display of dahlias in the Formal Garden during the autumn months. Ella Britton and Madam Stapper adorn the regimented garden providing a contrasting display red and yellows.

Eating and Shopping
Garden accessories on display

Anglesey Abbey's Plant Centre 

One of the largest plant centres in the National Trust, here at Anglesey Abbey we pride ourselves in stocking a large variety of plants for all seasons, as well as plastic-reducing Hairy Pots, garden pots and ornaments.

Our top tips

  • Make it easier, grow them in pots
    We use pots throughout the year, even when planting out. For us, this method makes lifting the plants in the autumn simple and with minimal disturbance to their delicate roots.
  • Lift in November (usually after a frost!)
    Our first job is to remove the tops and put them on the Anglesey compost heap. We then take the pots to a frost-free glasshouse.
  • Stack and rotate
    We overwinter a large number of plants. Pots are stacked laying on their sides, with one on top of another. They’re regularly rotated to make sure the whole stack dries out evenly.
  • Keep them fungal free
    It’s important to examine each plant to ensure they’re clear of fungal infections. We also trim off the stems as they dry out.
  • Protect them for next year's bloom
    It's good practice to store lifted tubers in a frost-free area for about three weeks, allowing them to dry out naturally. They do best upside-down, so any water in the stems to drain out. When dry, store in boxes of moist (not wet) compost/vermiculite/coir or similar material to keep them frost free.
  • Inspect them regularly during the winter 
    If you see any mildew or rot, cut it out with a clean, sharp knife and dust the surface with sulphur.