Anglesey Abbey virtual tours

Front view of Anglesey Abbey

Our three virtual tours give you 360 degree views of Anglesey Abbey's ornate Formal Garden, Medieval Dining Room and fascinating Tapestry Hall.

You can explore with your mouse, the control buttons on your keyboard or the control icons on-screen.
Using a mouse: Click and drag the cursor on-screen in the direction you want to look. If your mouse has a roller button, use it to zoom in/out.
Using on-screen icons: Click and hold the screen icons to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) buttons allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard arrow keys: Press the arrow keys to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) keys allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard tab keys: Tab through the on-screen buttons and hold down the space bar to navigate. Shift + tab will tab back to the previous on-screen button.
The Dining Room at Anglesey Abbey

Take a virtual tour of the Dining Room

Enjoy a panoramic view of this historic room, which has survived from the original Augustinian priory.

Spring flowers growing in the garden at Anglesey Abbey

Take a virtual tour of the Formal Garden 

Step into one of our enclosed flower gardens and admire the neat rows of blue and white hyacinths in full bloom.

The Tapestry Hall at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire - The staircase and hall were added in the late 1930s

Take a virtual tour of the Tapestry Hall

Marvel at the exquisite detail of the tapestries and the hall's many other wonderful items, such as a pair of Italian 18th-century columns.