Discover the House at Anglesey Abbey

As we open the newly decorated Living Room and Long Gallery, there's never been a better time to head inside the House. This summer, we'll be shining a light on the architecture behind this fascinating home, with a house and gardens meticulously designed by one man, the 1st Lord Fairhaven.

Summer 1938

Let us take you back to the summer of 1938, where the house is preparing for a special visit from the 1st Lord Fairhaven's mother, Cara Broughton, to celebrate the opening of the new Library wing. 


The Living Room

The house staff have been busy preparing for the arrival of Lord Fairhaven’s mother. In the Living Room you’ll find Lady Fairhaven’s portrait hanging pride of place and an afternoon tea fit for a Baroness.

Step inside to find the Living Room prepared for an afternoon tea to welcome Lord Fairhaven's mother to Anglesey Abbey. Find her portrait hung pride of place, with some of her personal tapestry works on display.

Oak Room

The Oak Room offers a relaxing space to unwind. Play a game of Mah Jong of Lexicon to pass the time.

Play a game of Mah Jong in the Oak Room
Mah Jong set up in the Oak Room
Play a game of Mah Jong in the Oak Room

The Newmarket Corridor

Discover the Newmarket corridor where you’ll find Lord Fairhaven's bedroom and bathroom, as well as a guest bedroom where his mother would have stayed. Find one of the house staff diligently cleaning the rooms, ensuring Lord Fairhaven’s high standards are maintained.


Opened in 1938, the Library played a key role in Lord Fairhaven’s entertaining routine; royal signatures on the south windows, as well as a regimented dinner party routine, hint that the Library was a significant part of Lord Fairhaven’s home.

Ongoing conservation

 discover how the team care for over 6000 books and how silk taffeta plays a role in keeping them dust free for longer. Go beyond the book cover, pick up a book from the book barrow and take a comfy seat to read.

Upper Gallery

Amongst the paintings of Windsor Castle, the Upper Gallery houses a very special exhibition. Cara Leland Rogers Broughton an American oil heiress, from Massachusetts became the 1st Lady Fairhaven of Lode in Cambridgeshire. Her personality as an English baroness can be seen through what she wore and what she collected.

Come and marvel at a selection of clothing and accessories that belonged to Lord Fairhaven's mother, Cara.
Two of Cara Broughton's dresses on loan from the Norfolk Museums Service.
Come and marvel at a selection of clothing and accessories that belonged to Lord Fairhaven's mother, Cara.

Thanks to the Norfolk Museums Service (Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery), a selection of clothing and accessories that belonged to Cara are on display in the Upper Gallery.

Dining Room

Lady Fairhaven dined at Anglesey when visiting her son. Entertaining one’s mother can always be a cause for getting out the best silverware- if your mother is also a baroness the cause is doubled! Help us polish the glasses and cutlery as we set the table for dinner.

Domestic Wing

In 1938, the staff were adjusting to the new domestic wing. Learn about the staff who looked after Anglesey Abbey and catered for Lord Fairhaven and his guests. Find out what the 1930's house staff wore and get stuck in to daily life by helping the staff with their chores - there's a lot to do!

The Domestic Staff who ran the House like clockwork
Picture of Lord Fairhaven's domestic staff in front of the House
The Domestic Staff who ran the House like clockwork

The sights, sounds and smells of a working kitchen

If you time it right, we may have our kitchen open baking tasty treats for you to try. Catch our lovely volunteers on weekends throughout June*.

*This is run on a volunteer basis, and is subject to change.

Want to recreate some of our bakes at home? We've included one of the receipes our volunteers use below!

Freshly baked gingerbread biscuits

Anglesey Abbey's Ginger Nut Biscuits 

Have a go at baking our ginger nut biscuits found in the Domestic Wing at home.

Want to know more?

Picture of Dining Room complete with vaulted ceiling

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