Saving St Florian

Statue of St. Florian

A unique artefact of Lord Fairhaven's collection is a 16th century statue of Saint Florian, the patron saint of fire fighters, who is pouring water on a burning church.

The fiqure, which can be found on the corridor leading to the library, is carved and painted from hollow cedar and has old woodworm damage which has left it very fragile.

During detailed cleaning we discovered possible new woodworm holes and on closer examination we saw and removed actual woodworm beetles.

We immediately covered the figure in a protective case to contain any possible woodworm infestation and we are now monitoring for any further active pest damage. The figure is too fragile to move and will remain covered until we are happy that no active woodworm remain within the figure.

The House team carefully and thoroughly inspect every exhibit, that's over 10,000 items, at least once each year for any signs of damage or deterioration.