The Winter Raffle at Anglesey Abbey

Over the next three years the Winter Garden will see some change, injecting a new lease of life into one of the most loved areas of the gardens.

An exciting long term garden project

Lord Fairhaven was passionate about his gardens, and we are too. This year we are asking for your support to help us begin a long term project to restore the Winter Garden, breathing new life into a well loved, much admired space. 

We are hoping to refresh some of the planting which has outgrown the space. This will create new layers, including shrubs and bulbs, which will go towards enhancing the Winter Garden experience for future generations.

Celebrating 21 years of the Winter Garden

Formerly named the 'Fairhaven Centenary Walk', the Winter Garden was opened to the public for the first time in 1998 and was planted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the 1st Lord Fairhaven, who went on to leave Anglesey Abbey to the National Trust in 1966.

Twenty-one years later, it still contains many of the original planting schemes which have, over time, outgrown the area in which they were placed. In that time, with the public's support in 2015 we extended the striking silver birch grove at the peak of the Winter Garden by planting 114 Betula utilis var. jacquemontii ‘Doorenbos’, 

In order to create the stunning winter display year after year, the garden was densly planted and is now in need of a refresh at certain points along the 450 metre long route.

You may notice that preparation for this work has already begun, with some areas already having been cleared ready for something new and exciting to go in its place, yet still fitting with the original ethos of this sensory garden.

Play your part

All funds raised through the Winter 2019 will go towards this project, helping to rejuvinate this stretch of the gardens holding many memories, pockets of inspiration and beauty. 

The Winter Raffle runs until 2 January 2020. Tickets cost £1.

To purchase a ticket, please speak to a member of the Visitor Welcome Team.