Meet one of our Millers

Volunteer Miller, Anglesey Abbey - Lode Mill

David Mackew - Volunteer Miller

Meet David, one of our volunteer millers. Find out why he volunteers at Lode Mill and what he finds most rewarding in his role...

David Mackew at work in Lode Mill

Why did you become a volunteer Miller?

I retired 18 months ago. Having exhausted all the jobs around the house I was keen to find something extra to do, something a bit different.

What do you do at Anglesey Abbey?

The role of Miller covers many different aspects, particularly meeting people, being part of a team, helping visitors learn more about the mill's history and exploring its function as a water mill. For me, learning about the workings of the machinery and being able to paint a picture for the mill visitors of its history, to demonstrate how it works, from the power of the water onto the wheel to the packages of flour we have to sell is very satisfying.

What do you find most rewarding about your work as a Miller?

How many children these days understand where their bread comes from, right from grinding the grain to making the flour, to make a loaf of bread? They love the “hands on” of helping turn the sluice water wheel, hearing the sound of the water falling onto the water wheel blades, the machinery staring to turn, making the flour. And then you can buy a bag of flour to take home to make some bread.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Anglesey Abbey?

I’m in a group of like-minded volunteers, enjoying sharing our interest and having a bit of fun doing so. I always come away having enjoyed my day, had some fun and have helped visitors enjoy their day at the mill.