We're planting 7,000 new trees to celebrate 70 years looking after Arlington Court

In 1949, Miss Rosalie Chichester bequeathed Arlington Court and the surrounding land to the National Trust. Her life’s work was to create a nature reserve on the estate, if you sponsor a tree for £15, you'll be helping wildlife and nature to thrive on the estate and continue this legacy.

Continuing Miss Chichester’s legacy

Following on from our celebration of 70 years of the Trust looking after Arlington, we’re continuing to invite people to sponsor trees that we will be planting on the estate to celebrate nature. Already over 7000 trees have been planted since 2019 and we will continue over the next few years. These new trees will improve the woodlands, making them more sustainable and resistant to disease. We have over 75 small woodland compartments marked from 1949 to 2025, which will each be home to 100 trees consisting of oak, rowan, lime, cherry, spindle and crab apple. Over the next 100 years or so this ‘oak mix’ will develop into mature native oak woodlands rich in wildlife.

" A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they will never sit"
- Greek proverb

Great for nature

Oak woodlands are amongst the very best habitats for wildlife and nature. One mature oak tree is capable of supporting over 350 separate life forms, from the smallest lichens to wonderful large fungi, bats, birds, butterflies and moths. 

Unfortunately our woodlands have recently been affected by Phytophthora (confusingly known as ‘sudden oak death’), meaning we’ve had to fell many trees to slow its spread. Native oaks, like those we plan to plant, are not affected by this disease which is great news for the future.

How can you help?

If you sponsor a tree for £15 we can purchase and plant it on your behalf. This will include a stake and tree guard to keep it safe, and you can choose which woodland compartment it’s planted in. In recognition of your donation you will receive a card to keep or give as a present to someone special.

We will not mark your tree in any way other than on a map, as we want to keep things as natural as possible. You will have the knowledge that you did something really special for wildlife, nature and Arlington’s future – a truly ‘green’ gift.

What next?

Visit our 'Sponsor a tree' appeal page to sponsor your tree/s. If you would like to have it planted in a specific year we'd love to hear from you.

Once you have used the form to sponsor a tree, please contact us at arlingtoncourt@nationaltrust.org.uk to let us know the following:

  • How many trees you have bought
  • Which years between 1949-2025 you are dedicating your chosen tree (or trees) to
  • The address that you'd like us to send the card to
  • Who you are dedicating the tree (or trees) to