Caring for collections

Arlington is home to over 5,000 items from tiny exotic shells, to grand state carriages. Here you can find out how different collections are looked after.

The Boudoir at Arlington Court showing the red silk around the fireplace

The Boudoir project

Find out about our raffle project for 2016

A conservation assistant cleaning part of a carriage at Arlington Court

Conservation at the Carriage Museum

Discover the greatest threats to the carriages in our collection

A conservator working on a model ship at Arlington Court

Model ship conservation

Swabbing the decks of our model ships

A group of costumes on display from a previous exhibition at Arlington Court

Caring for Arlington's costume and textile collection

Discover how delicate fabrics are cared for in the collection at Arlington

The Speaker's State Coach on loan to Arlington Court from the Houses of Parliament

Monitoring our special carriage

Discover how we monitor the Speaker's State Coach at the National Trust Carriage Museum.

A display of shells in the morning room at Arlington

The shell collection

Find out how over 3000 shells washed up at Arlington