The Myddelton family home

A view of the 17th century saloon at Chirk Castle

Discover how from 1595 the fortress was turned into the Myddelton's elegant family home - with lavishly furnished rooms which reflect 400 years of changing taste.

Myddelton family home

Sir Thomas Myddelton I was born in 1550, son of the governor of Denbigh Castle. With little hope of inheriting his father's position he left to make his fortune in London, which he did with remarkable success. He invested in the East India Company and the Virginia Company, was knighted, built a mansion in Essex, and in 1613 became Lord Mayor of London.

In 1595 Sir Thomas I had bought Chirk Castle for £5,000 with the intention of turning it into his family seat. In actual fact he spent more time at his home in Essex, but he spent vast sums of money on the castle including building the north range and its State Rooms.

Sir Thomas Myddelton II was a Civil War general, first on the side of Parliament, and then later, disillusioned by Cromwell's military dictatorship, as a Royalist in support of Charles II.

Over the next 400 years the Myddelton family ruled a vast estate from Chirk Castle, subsequent generations were ambitious industrialists, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

Chirk Castle's beautiful King's Cabinet was a gift from King Charles II to Sir Thomas Myddelton II
The front of the Kings Cabinet at Chirk Castle
Chirk Castle's beautiful King's Cabinet was a gift from King Charles II to Sir Thomas Myddelton II

What is there to see?

Walking through the State Rooms you will pass The Cromwell Hall with its collection of rare Civil War era firearms, a variety of architectural styles from A.W.N. Pugin's neo-gothic to Joseph Turner's neo-classical, the beautiful embossed King Charles cabinet, and enormous 18th century mirrors.

Find out about life during the English Civil War, the occupation of the castle by the Royalists, and discover this family’s leading role in the survival of the Welsh language with their sponsorship of the first popular edition of the Bible in Welsh.

There is also the stillness of the Chapel with its unique music taken from the rare 17th century Chirk Castle Part Books, the smoky atmosphere of the Servant's Hall, and the working laundries.

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