Bug's Eye View - Help us create a meadow of upcycled flowers

A young boy balances a pink flower on his nose

This summer, we’re asking you to help us create a meadow of flowers, made from recycled materials, as part of our Bug's Eye View installation.

Whether it’s clothes hangers, bicycle wheels or plastic bottles, we’d love you to create a giant flower to take pride of place in our Bug’s Eye View garden.

The colourful meadow of giant flowers will allow us to experience the views of the many bugs that call Clumber Park home.

The Bug’s Eye View garden will be a place to enjoy play, picnics and fresh air, whilst learning about the habitats of a variety of insects.

Abi Whitlock, Programming & Partnerships Officer at Clumber Park, said: “We’re really excited about this art installation, incorporating collaboration with local community groups and our visitors of all ages.

“Clumber Park is rich in biodiversity with so many creatures thriving here. We thought this project was a great way of both celebrating and learning and creating a fun space to enjoy on your day out.

“We really want this to be a project that anyone can get involved with, using anything they have lying around the house. We’re not looking for conventional flowers; think repurposed, industrial, bright colours, whatever takes your fancy and shows off your unique style.”

What can I make my flower from?

Anything goes! All that we ask is you keep in mind that your flower will be outdoors in all conditions, so the more weatherproofed the better. We’re encouraging everyone to use materials they can find at home and repurpose; think coat hangers, empty bottles, plant pots.

Here's some 'how to' guides for creating your flowers:

How to make a flower - clothes hanger (PDF / 0.3MB) download

How to make a flower - plastic bag (PDF / 0.4MB) download

How to make a flower - plastic bottle (PDF / 0.4MB) download

How to make a flower - corrugated plastic (PDF / 0.4MB) download

How tall should my flower be?

We want your flowers to make a statement, so the taller the better. We recommend garden cane, a wooden dowel or even a broom handle.

Where should I take my completed flower?

When you’re happy with your design, why not show it off on social media? Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures.

Flowers can be dropped off at the Discovery Centre any day of the week between 10am – 4pm. Our Bug’s Eye View garden will be open from the 17th July, but don’t worry if you need a little longer; we can add your flower at a later date.

For more information, contact Abi Whitlock, Programming & Partnerships Officer: Abigail.whitlock@nationaltrust.org.uk