Celebrate summer at Erddig with outdoor theatre

Combine striking colours, scents and relaxing spaces with live entertainment.

We’re continuing the Yorke spirit of entertainment and performance with our programme of outdoor theatre this summer starting Saturday 15 June with the wild and tempestuous love story of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

Later in the summer on Saturday13 July, join young Mary Lennox on a journey of discovery as she is sent to her uncle’s house in the countryside, where mysteries and secrets lurk round every corner in Chapterhouse Theatre Company's production of The Secret Garden. 

Enjoy an evening of outdoor theatre at Erddig
The Bennett sisters keeping busy in Pride and Prejudice outdoor theatre production
Enjoy an evening of outdoor theatre at Erddig

Our summer finale closes on Fri 9 August with Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth Bennet meets the terse and abrupt Mr. Darcy and loathes him at first sight. But is there more to him than meets the eye?

Our theatre evenings are ticket only, for both members and non members, so be sure to book early for one of our sell-out performances from Chapterhouse Theatre Company to avoid disappointment.

Visit our What's on pages for more details or call the booking team on 0344 249 1895 for theatre tickets.

Philip Yorke III riding his penny farthing at Erddig

Peter Read presents The Brothers Yorke at Erddig

Enjoy a performance of outdoor theatre in a historic setting this autumn.

Born performers

The Yorke family loved to entertain and were born performers putting on plays and concerts for their many guests. Philip Yorke II put all his savings into buying the organ in the music room when he was just 15 years old in 1865 whilst our last squire was well known locally for his virtuoso skills in playing the musical saw! In fact Philip III spent several years touring the country in an old charabanc with his own theatre troupe, the London and Country Theatre Players.

Philip would often take on leading parts and kept an old review from the Bexhill-on-sea Observer;

“He was not always word perfect on Fridays, let alone Mondays, a circumstance that tended to keep the rest of the company on the hop. But the swish of the waves on the Pavilion floor was good cover for his prompter."

Hopefully our performers will be a bit more polished than Philip!

Celebrate the arrival of summer wtih music and theatre in the garden
Erddig evening theatre production
Celebrate the arrival of summer wtih music and theatre in the garden