Hold a scary beast

Girl with a frog in her hand

Would you hold a spider? How about a centipede? A woodlouse? Different creatures can seem scary for lots of different reasons, and while some people are scared, others won't be. Whatever seems scary to you now, once you've held it, you'll be feeling incredibly brave.

What are you scared of?

Different animals are scary to different people, for example, some people don't like woodlice but love centipedes, some folk are freaked out by worms but love spiders, and others will happily hold a beetle but would never touch a slug.

Which beast (or mini-beast) scares you? It doesn't have to be something you're terrified of either, (if the thought of a snake or a spider makes you sick) it can just something you're not sure about. This challenge is more about getting to know nature than scaring yourself or any animals.

How to handle your beast

Unless you're somewhere like a zoo, or a supervised meet and greet session with various creatures and their expert handlers, it's probably best if you choose something to hold that's relatively small and that's not going to sting or bite you - so no wasps, bees or snakes!

It's also good to remember that however scared you are of the creature it's probably a thousand times more terrified than you, mainly because you're so much bigger than it.

Be gentle with whatever you're handling and treat it with care and attention - imagine something bigger than you was picking you up to look at and you should get an idea!

Once you've finished

When you're done looking at your scary beast, it's best to return it to it's home. You can do this with a big smile on your face knowing that you've just done something very brave.