Our work at Woolacombe, Mortehoe and Ilfracombe

NT Landrover on beach

The ranger team for this area are based in Woolacombe. If you need to contact them for any reason please call 01271 870555. The team consists of a mix of full time staff and volunteers. They are involved in a variety of practical and visitor focused tasks. If you are out walking in the area and see them then do please stop for a chat and discover more about the vital work that they undertake. If you would like to volunteer with this team then do please get in touch with us.

Core conservation work

Along the coast from Woolacombe, through Mortehoe and on to Ilfracombe there are many miles of coastal footpaths. All of these and their associated paths to the beach need to be constantly maintained. This work varies from rebuilding steps washed away by winter storms to resurfacing eroded footpaths and cutting grass during the summer.
As an annual protection method to reduce the erosion impact of up to 10,000 visitors a day, we erect a beach fence which is over half a mile long and is in place between May and September. It is a mammoth task and we recruit the help of other staff. To stabilise the dunes, they have have been planted with marram grass, in places. This helps to knit the sand together.

Visitor activities

Whilst our core work is conserving the landscape, we also want to encourage people to get out there and enjoy it. The National Trust in this area is involved in various sports, from the Woolacombe Marathon to wild swimming, guided walks to runner training sessions. Sport in Woolacombe is an exciting way for visitors and locals to enjoy the land we protect for everyone to use.

Local children and families

We are able to offer a local school young ranger club, practical experience days and creative natural activities. These include stone walling, beach cleaning, artwork and outdoor cooking. In addition to this schools have also visited our Head Office and had a trip to Lundy Island. The children learn about the rangers' job and how to enjoy and be responsible in the outdoors as well discovering their local area.
Families are able to join us for unique volunteering days. You learn a new skill and we get help completing a task. Previous days have seen young children working with grandparents to clear areas of gorse using bow saws and loppers. Other days are spent learning to stone wall; children and adults learn a new skill and get to repair their very own section of wall. There is always a fire and marshmallows at the end.

What we're up to over the coming months

  • Strimming our network of over 30 miles of footpaths
  • Maintaining and repairing stiles, gates, way-marker posts and steps
  • Major stone faced hedge bank restoration at Ilfracombe Torrs