Chill out weekends at Low Wray

To make the most of the mid-summer evenings, our friends at Al Frescos are providing a campsite 'chill out' zone on 24th and 25th June with other dates to be confirmed.

In addition to their extraordinarily tasty pizzas, Al Fresco's will be providing a space to relax, eat, drink and socialise, serving beer - for two nights only on 24th and 25th June. More dates to be confimed.

Located by reception, there’s plenty of seating so you can eat and drink at your leisure. There will also be a little light, acoustic music to add to the atmosphere around the wood fired oven.

Times of service:  Friday 5pm – 9.30pm;  Saturday 3pm – 9.30pm.

If you're not around on 24th or 25th June, don't worry, you can enjoy Al Fresco's pizzas throughout the summer months usually on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat evenings, but you'll have to bring your own beer. Non-alcoholic drinks are always available from reception.

Take a night off from cooking - sit and chill out with a delicious pizza next time you're on site.