Protecting the natural and cultural fabric of the Lake District

Walkers on a bridge in Watendlath

Protecting the natural and cultural fabric of the Lake District is our first responsibility as a conservation charity. That's because it’s the combined heritage of people, landform, soils, water, and wildlife that underpins everything that is important and loved about the Lakes.

What do we mean by protecting the natural and cultural fabric of the Lakes?

We mean looking after the basic stock-take of rocks, soils, walls, fields, farms, trees, woods, wildflowers, fells, commons, tarns, becks, lakes, quarries, ruins, cairns, crags, screes, pikes, gills, paths, stiles, tracks, pubs, campsites, villages, businesses, skills, memories, and more.

These are all valuable in their own right, and they are our indispensible raw materials. Everything we do now, or might want to do in the future, has to be fashioned out of them.

We lead the Fix The Fells partnership across the Lakes.

Fix The Fells came out of a realisation that while pretty much everyone benefits from having good, solid, serviceable paths up into the fells, the responsibility to keep them that way actually falls to nobody in particular. So since 2003 this partnership of the willing has provided the critical mass to fund and carry out hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work to improve access and reduce erosion. As well as directly improving the physical fabric of the paths, the work does an important heritage job; allowing people to follow historical pathways, trodden the same way for generations. And by keeping people to those paths, it helps secure the ecological fabric of the fells too - protecting vulnerable and slow-growing mountain-top habitats.