Stickle Ghyll

Hydro-electric scheme on Stickle Ghyll

At Stickle Ghyll in the Lake District we’re making our own electricity using a natural resource that we have plenty of – rain!

It’s all part of our national programme to invest £33m in 43 projects to help us generate 50 per cent of our energy from renewable energy sources by 2020.

It’s the latest scheme to go live as part of our Renewable Energy Investment programme, which was launched in 2013.

By harnessing the water flowing down the hillside in the beautiful Langdale Valley, the hydro scheme is helping us reduce our environmental impact.

We even earn extra income from feeding any excess electricity to our green energy supplier, via the National Grid, freeing up funds for our vital conservation work.

To supply the energy we generate to the grid engineers had to upgrade the old electricity network in the valley which means it’s now more reliable and less prone to outages.

We’ve also calculated that the new system will provide enough energy to supply electricity to around 80 homes each year.

At Stickle Ghyll, the money saved is being used to improve our footpaths, rebuild drystone walls, fund our replanting programme and support other ranger activities. As part of the project we’ve also constructed a replacement bridge to maintain access to one of the Lakes’ busiest footpath routes up to Stickle Tarn, used by around 100,000 visitors each year.

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