An evergreen Italianate idyll at Ickworth

Ickworth's Italianate garden is one of the first of its kind in the UK. Designed for privacy, space and freedom, it's a distillation of the gardens of classical Italy given an individual English touch.

Italianate Garden Ickworth
View from the stumpery Ickworth

Ickworth’s sumptuous pleasure grounds 

Explore, discover and rediscover something new every season in Ickworth’s gardens, a place of contrasts, tranquillity and enchantment.

View of the Rotunda, Church, and Walled Garden from across the Canal Lake

Ickworth’s Walled Garden  

Explore the fascinating past and future plans of Ickworth’s Walled Garden. A great place for picnics, inspiring views and wildlife.

Dog walking

Ickworth pleasure ground for dogs 

Let your four legged friends lead you on a voyage of exploration around miles of parkland, every day offering new and exciting discoveries.