A part of history

View of the Rotunda, Church, and Walled Garden from across the Canal Lake

The Church was restored by the Ickworth Church Conservation Trust, a small independent charity set up by the current Marquess of Bristol to restore and safeguard the memory of over 500 years of his family who are buried in the vault.

The church is the earliest building in the park, with parts of the building dating back to the 13th century, and the only reminder of the earlier parish of Ickworth, which included a medieval manor house and village. Sadly the manor was demolished in 1710, whilst the Church remained. It is located on an historic route and features in several key views and sight lines, including from the walled garden and canal towards the house.

In 2012-13, after six years of research and fundraising, the church was restored thanks to generous grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and other donors. Today, ICCT's main focus is to keep the church in good working order, and ensure it is open and can be enjoyed by the general public.

Enjoy the craftsmanship on display in the newly renovated Church
Stained glass window in Ickworth Church

Upcoming events at the Church

8th July       Aquarius Singers 5.00pm -6.30pm
9th July       Vault tour 4.00pm -5.00pm
23rd July     Chedburgh Choir 4.00pm -5.30pm
8th August   Vault tour 4.00pm -5.00pm
16th Sept     Vault tour 10.00am -11.00am
17th Dec      Carol concert 3.00pm -4.30pm

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