Changes in the Outdoors

Matthew Bevan, Ranger Matthew Bevan Ranger
tree felling ickworth

If you've visited Ickworth recently you may have seen some changes on the landscape of our gardens, to help keep them looking their best!

Tree Safety

Contractors have been at Ickworth recently working on various trees from across the estate, which we marked during our 'tree health survey' back in the Autumn. On the odd occasions we need specialist equipment to reduce the size of an ailing tree gradually, so we ask tree surgeons to work with us. One of the main Cedars up the main drive towards the Rotunda has been felled and will be milled at our Country Estate Fayre on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July.

Walled Garden

The tulips gave a lovely, albeit brief display in the Walled garden during the nice spell of weather in April. The team have started preparing the beds for sowing, as well as sowing the seasonal meadow.


New beds and paths are being created in the Stumpery to improve access in the winter time, which has involved stumps being extracted from the woodland and placed into the stumperies.

Car parking

Due to the very wet weather over the winter months, the overflow car parking was not able to be used. One side of the ‘verges’ was pretty much waterlogged for the entire winter. To try and provide a solution, matting of various sorts was put down to protect the parkland from damage and soil compaction. With the slightly improved weather we have begun to take up the matting again, for cleaning and storage. However, these areas will now have to be left for the grass to recover.