Ickworth and beyond

View of the Rotunda, Church, and Walled Garden from across the Canal Lake

Ickworth stands within the popular holiday County of Suffolk, perfect for exploring the wonderful outdoors. Settled next to the quaint village of Horringer and just 3 miles from the historic town of Bury St Edmunds with its medieval streets and architecture, Ickworth is a great stop on a visit to explore the local area.

Community Spirit

Ickworth and the Hervey family have a great history of being involved in the local community of Horringer, from holding tea parties with the local primary school to being members of societal groups. Ickworth continues this legacy with links to the local community, school and parish council.

Bury St Edmunds

The Hervey family also have had a long standing connection with Bury St Edmunds from the 1st Earl’s second wife, Elizabeth Felton building a manor house in the town in 1738. As she felt Bury was too far from Ickworth and she wanted a pied-à-terre for entertaining. To members of the family being appointed High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund in 1806, a role still held by the current Marquess.

In 1806 the Abbey Gardens in Bury were passed to the 5th Earl of Bristol. The grounds were then developed in 1831 by the 2nd Marquess, who created the botanic gardens you can explore today. The family owned them until 1912 when they were leased to the town by the 4th Marquess.  In 1953 the Borough Council bought the gardens for £7,814. Head to Bury St Edmunds and beyond to learn more about the site of one of the most important medieval monasteries in Europe, and wonder at Suffolk’s only cathedral.

Bury St Edmunds is also home to the historic Theatre Royal, the UK’s only remaining Regency playhouse, which offers tours with a chance to discover and experience some of the history of the theatre and inspires audiences of all ages with impressive performances from leading arts organisations and local, emerging talents.