Inside Ickworth - our new Wednesday welcome

View of Ickworth Rotunda from Stumpery/Spring Garden area.

Ickworth is now open every day of the week except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, including Wednesdays. Join us as we test opening the House more than ever this year.

For years, Ickworth would close its doors every winter time and every Wednesday for vital conservation cleaning. From now on wards we are giving you the opportunity to explore these spaces throughout the year – enabling more people than ever before to access our special place.

When visiting on Wednesdays, you are invited to explore how we care for our extensive collection through morning and afternoon tours. You may also see a floor of our collection and rooms on display.  This is to support our conservation team to continue the vital work of caring for our collection, as well as testing news ways to shape the future of our House opening and future conservation works.

During the year, on Wednesdays, as part of our conservation work, we may need to close rooms to ‘rest’ them so selected spaces in the House may be closed. By resting areas across the year we can protect our house from light damage, wear and tear and irreversible deterioration.

You are vital in helping to care for our special place – thank you!

Our Conservation Assistant protecting our collection for the future
Kirsty conservation cleaning
Our Conservation Assistant protecting our collection for the future