Return of the Barn Owls

Barn Owls nesting

Barn owls have been spotted nesting on the estate for the first time in over twenty years!

A family of barn owls have been discovered by Ickworth’s Ranger team on the estate, land which had been previously taken out of arable production. The land was then free from intense management, and free from chemicals, which helped improved the soil structure and vegetation making it the prime place for mammals to thrive.

We've already had a visit from the Suffolk Barn Owls Community Project to ring and record the young barn owls.

Baby barn owls being held by an Ickworth Ranger
baby barn owls
Baby barn owls being held by an Ickworth Ranger

As part of our management plan, we want to make our parkland as biodiverse as possible. Improving the natural habitat and encouraging as much wildlife as possible to call Ickworth their home. As part of our ongoing conservation work we’ll be planting more wildflowers to attract more wildlife to the estate.