Spring is coming...

Matthew Bevan, Ranger Matthew Bevan Ranger
After Coppicing Ickworth

Our Outdoors Team are especially looking forward to the warmer weather so they can start their spring and summer jobs to keep the gardens and parklands looking their best!

Tree Planting

This winter we have planted around 30 trees in the parkland. Some of these have been replacements where the previous spaling hasn't taken, but some have been completely new trees and included Oaks, Beech, Scots Pine and Sycamore. To protect the trees from being nibbled by sheep and deer, a wooden guard is erected around each one.


At the beginning of March, we had out first milling day of the year in preparation for the Wood & Craft Fair. We milled a variety of timber, including the Oaks from our coppice block, as well as some of the trees that came down in the storm. The cold conditions had made it ideal for getting machinery into the woods to collect all this timber.


The last week of February brought some harsher weather to contend with, and meant daily clearing of snow and gritting the main paths of Ickworth. For Paul Seabrook, the shepherd this happened to coincide with the first lambs bring born!


The Garden team have been busy coppicing Hazel in Lady Geraldine's Walk, protecting the Hazel from deer and allowing the Hazel to re-shoot. This work will allow more light along the paths and be better for the spring flowers in this area.

What to look out for?

The Weeping Cedar Meadow will be giving a good display of colour this year, with new bulbs planted including Chionadoxa, Scillas, Anemones, Snakes Head Fritillaries, Carnassias and scented late flowering Daffofils.