The colourful heights of Spring

The seasonal wildflower meadow at Ickworth

Ickworth has so much to discover in June. Our Spring Garden is an abundance of colour giving you the chance to explore your own favourite part of Ickworth.

Outdoor screening

Outdoor Cinema

A weekend showcasing your favourite films

What weird and wonderful sights might you see on your visit to Ickworth?
Close up of a curly horned sheep at the Ickworth Wool Fair

Across the estate flowers are blooming, from cowslip to orchids Ickworth is a sea of colour and smells. With 1800 acres of parkland, you'll want to come back again and again.

For one month only starting 8 June... see the Fury of Athamas from a different perspective. Take to new heights, get up close and personal and take your photograph with him.

Masterpieces like Flaxman’s scuplture of Athamus await you around every corner at Ickworth
John Flaxman's marble sculpture of the Fury of Athamas which stands in the hall