Wood Fair - a look back at a busy year!

Matthew Bevan, Ranger Matthew Bevan Ranger
Boardwalk fixing Ickworth

Wood Fair is over for another year and the Ranger team work hard to ensure there is a great stock pile of wood to be sold each year, with 2018 being its record year for wood sales!

Our annual Wood Fair is always a milestone in the Ranger teams calendar. It marks the end of another year of milling timber that came from trees that were either felled as part of our normal woodland management, or that had come down in storms over the year. This year was our most successful yet, with a good variety of quality timber including some wide Yew boards from a tree that came down in the January storms, and some Cedar that was removed from the gardens in front of the house as it was beginning to dieback.

The Wood Fair also marks the change from our summer work which tends to be more general estate maintenance, to more conservation based work in the woods. This year, we built a new boardwalk on the red route extension on a particularly wet section of track.

We also spent a lot of time this summer watering our young parkland trees, with the majority of them surviving. Unfortunately a few have died due to the extreme dry conditions, however these will be replaced this winter, predominately from oaks grown on from acorns collected here.

With the hot summer in 2018, Rangers spent a lot of time watering parkland trees
watering trees Ickworth
With the hot summer in 2018, Rangers spent a lot of time watering parkland trees

Now we are just beginning our coppicing work in Lownde Wood, as well as starting to thin out trees in other areas of woodland. We are undertaking our annual tree safety surveys, which will also provide us with trees that will need to be felled or have work done due to safety reasons. Tree planting will be an ongoing project over the winter across the park. Oh, and also we’ll have to start preparing all over again for the 30th annual Wood and Craft Fair to take place in October 2019…see you there!