Ickworth house, a monument to an extraordinary family at Ickworth

Ickworth house with its classical Rotunda, East and West Wings forms the centrepiece of the Ickworth estate. It reflects its former owners, the Hervey Family’s tenacious spirit and has been preserved by the custodianship and influence of unconventional men and women over successive generations.

View of the gardens and the back of the Rotunda
A view of Ickworth Rotunda and wings through autumn leaves

Ickworth house designed to impress 

Discover the House, the flamboyant conceit of the 4th Earl of Bristol - a magnificent Italianate palace in the heart of Suffolk.

Living History re-enactors having tea in the senior servants' sitting room at Ickworth

A servant's life at Ickworth 

Explore our basement and discover life as a servant in the 1930s, working in service for the Hervey family and their guests and tending to their every whim.

Textile conservation in action at Ickworth

Explore Ickworth's collection of treasures 

Explore our full collection of unique and special items looked after by our conservation team here at Ickworth.

Explore the Hervey family and Ickworth's long history