Ickworth Uncovered at Ickworth

Over the last couple of years, Ickworth has been securing its future – with your help – thanks to a major conservation project. Ickworth embarked on a multi-million pound major conservation project which saw us heading up to the roof. The iconic Rotunda, the original vision of the Earl Bishop in 1795, has stood proud in the Suffolk countryside for many years. However, like any house, it needed support and protection to make sure it could stand for generations to come.

Rotunda Roof Ickworth
Crane lift ickworth

Raising the Roof one slate at a time 

Discover the ins and outs of Ickworth Uncovered, the £5 million pound project which gave Ickworth's roof a new lease of life, as told by the project's Site Coordinator

View of Ickworth Rotunda from Stumpery/Spring Garden area.

Ickworth is Uncovered 

Over the last year, Ickworth has secured its future – with your help – thanks to a major conservation project


Building a future for Ickworth

The scaffolding which stood protecting Ickworth, took over two months to build. It was a free-standing structure, to help protect the Rotunda. It was thought to be one of the largest and most complex scaffolding projects in the region.


Protecting Ickworth one wing at a time

The Rotunda roof was not the only roof we mended...the West Wing Squash Court Cafe roof had also been conserved to keep it water tight, helping control the temperature in our Cafe upstairs and to ensure our visitor centre in the West Wing is fit for future visitors.


Ickworth Uncovered: A Roof Unveiled

The roof has been fully uncovered and Ickworth's future has been ensured for the years to come. We'd like to say a great big thank you for all the individuals, groups and organisations who played their part in making this happen. Your donations, volunteering, skills and craftsmanship have lead the way for Ickworth to be here for our future generations to enjoy.