Conservation in action

Our dedicated House and Conservation team are committed to caring for and conserving the vast collection at Ickworth, so it is here for years to come. Discover how they do this below and uncover a world behind the scenes of a Grand House.

exhibition changover Ickworth

Sharing our stories

Ickworth has a vast and historic collection of items and stories across hundreds of years. Discover how we choose which stories to share when you visit.

Monitoring dust ickworth

Not letting the dust settle 

Dust build up can be destructive to the appearances of our collection within the house and our Conservation team work hard to prevent this through a variety of techniques.

Moving the conservation items Ickworth

Uncovering our collection 

Meet Emma, a member of the team involved in moving 2,500 collection items to protect them from a leaking roof!

Catherine dusting Vigee Le Brun Ickworth

Opening the House

Spring is finally here and Ickworth is ready to be explored by visitors. The winter provides us with a great opportunity to conserve our collection and ensure it looks its best all year round.

ickworth house conservation housekeeping

Learning to care for our collections  

Caring for the House collection is a huge task and requires a great level of skill. Find out what's involved in training our Conservation teams to be able to protect our collections for the future.

Gabby clocks Ickworth

Winding back the clocks

Ickworth is full of unique treasures and artwork, an 18th century palace which is cared for by a dedicated conservation team.