Ickworth Uncovered: Raising the roof

View of Ickworth Rotunda from Stumpery/Spring Garden area.

Thanks to the support of our visitors we’re looking after the special historic collection at Ickworth for ever, for every one, and later this year, that will mean the start of work to make some repairs to Ickworth’s roofs and ensure it is fit for the future.

We will be fixing leaks, adding lightning protection and re-tiling the roof of the Rotunda. The conservation works will start in November 2018 and last until the summer of 2020. It is going to be the biggest conservation works that Ickworth has ever seen, not least because it will also see the movement of 2,500 items from storage whilst the work is happening. 

2500 items in storage will be moved due to conservation works
storage collection Ickworth
2500 items in storage will be moved due to conservation works

As we’ll be working on the roof and stepping in to keep stored parts of the collection safe during the work, we’re calling the project Ickworth Uncovered and we’re planning some exciting ways to help our visitors discover more about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Andrew Rowson is the Project Manager leading Ickworth Uncovered and he’ll be working with our in-house team as well as some skilled specialists as we get underway.

" Ickworth Uncovered will help safeguard Ickworth and its highly significant collections for years to come. The craftsmanship that went into building Ickworth is incredible, but it is also natural that over time repairs will be needed. We are looking forward to the challenge and sharing our progress with visitors"
- Andrew Rowson

During these works there will be changes to what you will be able to see at Ickworth. Scaffolding will appear on the Rotunda from summer 2019 and access to some other areas will also be impacted. 

We’re investing £5 million pounds into the future of Ickworth and we are able to do this thanks to the supports of our members, visitors and supporters, but we’re just at the start and we hope you’ll continue to support our fundraising. We’ll also be sharing updates as Ickworth Uncovered progresses – keep an eye out for updates and exciting new experiences that will help you uncover more during the summer of 2019.

Ever changing and ambitious, like the Hervey family themselves, Ickworth stands at an important time in its history. Having been entrusted to safeguard Ickworth, the National Trust is now also taking action to protect it for the future.