House tickets FAQs

The saloon at Kingston Lacy

Tickets to visit the house at Kingston Lacy are very popular. Both members and non-members must have a timed house ticket to enter the house from March till October. Please pre-book your tickets at least 24 hours before the day you wish to visit. Entry to the house is in 30 minute time slots and you can access anytime within your designated time.

Why have timed tickets been introduced?
Some rooms are small and packed full of treasures, and we’d like you to explore them without feeling crowded. Timed tickets help us make your visit more enjoyable, giving you the time and leisure to discover the fascinating manor and its collection in a more relaxed environment.

How much does it cost?
The timed ticket is free; it’s included in the normal admission price or member admission.

Do I have to book my timed ticket in advance?
Yes, we encourage you to book your timed ticket in advance online before you visit or by phone on 0344 249 1895. There are lots of times available as the house is open from 11am with last entry at 4pm. You can plan your day around your visit to the house, for example maybe a leisurely stroll around the grounds before or plan so you come out just in time for lunch in the café.

Why can't I book my tickets for later in the year now?
Our booking system is changing very soon. In order to make this as smooth as possible we can only offer house tickets up until the 8 June. After this date we will release the tickets for the rest of the year. Thank you for your patience.

When will I have to leave the house?
Regardless of your entry time slot, you can spend as long as you like up until the house closes at the end of the day.

Where can I leave my things when I visit the house?
To make your visit as relaxed and easy as possible we have designated a space for you to leave bags, loose items and pushchairs. You can find the storage near the shop but also detailed on your welcome map. There will be lockers and space for pushchairs.

Do I need a timed ticket for the garden and parkland?
Not at all. At any time during your visit you can explore

And of course there is our shop and the cafe to enjoy from 10am.

Do you ever run out?
We encourage you to book your ticket in advance in case we run out. Limited slots will be available on the day but please be aware you may not always be able to get in as soon as you arrive but later that day. You can also call 0344 249 1895 to book tickets.

What if some rooms are closed that day?
We are able to open the rooms of the house thanks to our team of fantastic volunteers.  Sometimes we do have to close rooms so please check the website on the day of your visit if you want to check for any room closures. Timed tickets are free so you can book them again for another day.