Snowdrops at Kingston Lacy

Snowdrop and cyclamen at Kingston Lacy, Dorset

Walk through the Kingston Lacy gardens at this time of year and you will find carpets of brilliant white. The snowdrop walk stretches through the 40-acre garden for one and a half miles. With the recent cold weather we are expecting a good display throughout February.

The bamboo juxtaposes the delicate snowdrops in the Japanese Garden
Snowdrops amongst the bamboo at Kingston Lacy, Dorset
The bamboo juxtaposes the delicate snowdrops in the Japanese Garden

The Victorian fernery is a good place to start before meandering down the Lime Avenue and on to Lady’s Walk, where Henrietta Bankes first planted snowdrops in the early 1900s. 

As the snowdrop is one of the first bulbs to flower in the gardening calendar this spectacle marks the start of the spring colours. We are looking forward to the sprouting daffodils and bluebells then the colourful hyacinths and tulips that will begin to fill the garden in the coming months. 

There will be over 30 different species of snowdrop on display this year for the avid galanthophiles to spot. Anyone can enjoy the spectacle and even spend the rest of the day exploring Kingston Lacy’s wider estate. 

The gardens are open daily from 10am – 4pm.

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Can you get that perfect shot?
Snapping pictures of snowdrops
Can you get that perfect shot?