Art and exhibitions in Yorkshire

Celebrate culture across Yorkshire with a collection of exhibitions showcasing photography, illustrations, and historic displays this year.

Riverbank & ruins by Joe Cornish - part of the 'Still Time to Wonder' exhibition at Fountains Abbey 2022

Still Time to Wonder. An exhibition of photographs by Joe Cornish

Imagine a stillness which will likely never come to this special place again. Through the lens of Joe Cornish, explore the tactile beauty of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal over three years and during the silence of the coronavirus lockdown.

Cause & Effect at Nunnington Hall

Art and Exhibitions at Nunnington Hall

Enjoy a variety of high profile art and photography exhibitions throughout the year in our attic gallery and the hall. Celebrating the best of national works and local artists.

18th century dolls' house at Nostell

The Nostell Dolls' House

Only a handful of dolls’ houses have survived from the 18th century and Nostell’s is the only one you can see still in its original family home. An intricately crafted masterpiece with a unique connection to its life-sized surroundings, this is a grand mansion in perfect miniature.