Orchards in Shropshire and Staffordshire

It wouldn't be autumn without a bounty of apples and some of our places in Shropshire and Staffordshire are home to rare and traditional varieties.

A view of the orchard at Attingham Park

An apple a day from Attingham's orchard 

Attingham's orchard is a special place, with 37 varieties of cooking and eating apples grown.

dudmaston orchard

Dudmaston's Orchard 

Sit back and enjoy the changing view from our tea-room. The Orchard is the perfect place to relax in all seasons.

Apple trees in the Orchard in August at Moseley Old Hall, Staffordshire.

Harvesting traditional fruits at Moseley Old Hall 

Admire the traditional varieties of apples, pears, medlars and quince in the orchard at Moseley Old Hall. Try out how they taste in the tea-room and sit back and relax surrounded by fruit trees.