Places to visit in Bedfordshire

You don't have to go far from Bedford or the city of Luton, to explore the chalky landscape of Bedfordshire. Here you'll find the Chilterns, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Autumn at Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire

Dunstable Downs 

Watch the clouds as they float by from the highest point in Bedfordshire. From Dunstable Downs you can enjoy a walk to Whipsnade Tree Cathedral in all its autumn glory. Why not look out for nature's bounty in the hedgerows along the way?

View of the trees at Sharpenhoe Clappers


Sharpenhoe is made up of four countryside areas to the north of Luton. Sundon Hills, Moleskin and Markham Hills, Sharpenhoe Clappers and Smithcombe Hills.

Autumn walk in woodland at Dunstable Downs bedfordshire

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral 

This incredible Tree Cathedral, made from trees, shrubs and plants, was created after the First World War in the spirit of 'faith, hope and reconciliation'.