Second-hand stories in Staffordshire

Our second-hand bookshops are more than just a place to find great reads, they also help us to look after our special places. The money that they generate is put towards ongoing projects that help us look after our places for ever for everyone.

Shelves of books, with two small tables with historical books on display

Second-hand Barnyard Bookshop 

Our second-hand bookshop is teaming with a huge variety of books, including children’s books and collectables.

A volunteer organising paperback books onto wooden selves in the second hand bookshop at Wightwick

Wightwick's second-hand bookshop 

Find your childhood favourite or a novel that will whisk you away to a far off land, in our second-hand bookshop in the malthouse undercroft.

Second Hand bookshop

The second-hand bookshop 

Pick up a page turner in our second hand bookshop by the midden yard.

A vast range of second-hand books

Stories to explore at Biddulph 

Come and see what you can find in our second hand bookshop