Bring your dog for a four-legged adventure

A couple with a small white dog on a lead with the lantern folly in the background

Update: Between April – July, dogs are permitted off their lead, under close control in Knightslow Wood. Please see the map below for more information. 

Some of Lyme's most loyal visitors are four-legged. Whether they like to head up to the Cage or take a gentle stroll around the garden, dogs have a marvellous time at Lyme - and so do their owners.


Support the creatures that call Lyme home

In 2020 while Lyme was closed to visitors, wildlife was able to thrive. Once we were able to welcome visitors again, we asked for dogs to be kept on leads until the end of the ground nesting bird season, and we were delighted that our visitors understood and supported this. We're pleased to say that last year this made a big difference to the success rate of our ground nesting birds, all of which are species in decline or severe decline. We’re aiming to allow every chick to successfully reach adulthood and this will help these red listed species to thrive.

As we enter spring the chorus of birdsong is getting louder as seasonal birds flock back to Lyme to start nesting; including ground nesting birds such as Woodcocks, Skylarks and Lapwings. The deer will be giving birth soon too, and we’ll have Red Deer calves on the estate once more.

So again we ask you to do your bit for nature and when visiting Lyme with your four-legged friend, please walk only on footpaths and keep your dog on a lead at all times, just until the young birds have taken to the skies and the deer calves have found their feet.


When do dogs need to be kept on a lead?

Between 12 April and 31 July when visiting Lyme dogs should be kept on a short lead at all times in all areas of the estate, with the exception of Knightslow Wood, where dogs are permitted to be off lead, under close control. By doing this you’re helping the young wildlife of Lyme thrive and are giving them the best chance of reaching adulthood. 

From 1 August, dogs should be kept under close control at all times and on a short lead in all areas with livestock. In the absence of a short lead, close control means that a dog is under the voice or whistle command of its owner, or they are held on a long lead, e.g. a training/tracking line or a retractable lead. Dogs should be close enough to the owner so that they won’t come across other people or animals without the owner also being aware of their presence.


Please Note: Access to Drinkwater Meadow is limited to the entrance points near the car park and from Knightslow Wood (following the Gritstone Trail).

Dogs in the Garden

Dogs are welcome to take a stroll around the Gardens at Lyme every day, whilst on a short lead. Please keep to the paths and clear up after them.


Warm Weather

We'd like to remind visitors not to leave dogs alone in cars, especially on warm and sunny days. Water bowls are provided for dogs at the house and the Timber Yard (these are noted on the dog walking guide), and frozen yoghurt dog treats are available to purchase at the Timber Yard Cafe.


Where can you dispose of dog poop?

Dog waste left on the ground, even in poop bags, is not only unpleasant but also dangerous to wildlife. Please support us by taking your dog waste home if you can – this protects our charitable funds which in turn helps us to look after Lyme. 

If you can't take your dog waste home with you there are many locations where you can dispose of dog waste whilst out and about at Lyme, which are listed below or can be found in the Dog Walking Map above.

Dog Waste bins can be found:

  • Red Lane entrance
  • By the Nursery Plot on East Drive
  • The gate from the car park to Drinkwater
  • Knott car park
  • ½ way down West Park on the turning to Paddock
  • End of Deer Clough down West Park
  • Calves Croft (when open)

Dog waste can also be put in these general waste bins but it should not be placed in the recycling section:

  • Bins by the Information Centre
  • Bins in the Timber Yard
  • Bins in Crow Wood playscape
  • Bins in the Knott car park


Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) - dog fouling and anti-social owners

It is really important that all our dog walkers are aware of the ‘Public Space Protection Order’ that has been launched by Cheshire East Council.

This covers the whole of the Cheshire East Borough and covers all public spaces including land that is managed by Cheshire East Council, Forestry Commission, National Trust and farmland.

This order seeks to prevent or reduce the detrimental effects of dog waste, by imposing reasonable restrictions and requirements on people whilst in charge of dogs on public land. It seeks to facilitate the safe sharing of our public spaces, whilst recognising that people should be able to exercise their dogs off lead, provided that their dogs are under control and behaving appropriately.

Please take the time to follow this link to the Cheshire East website and read this document to make sure you are up to speed with the new legislation that has been put in place and how the council could enforce it at Lyme.