Welcome in autumn at Lyme

As autumn rolls in, the leaves start to fall, temperatures cool, the days get shorter and we edge ever closer to the end of the year. Visit Lyme to see late bloomers in the garden, colourful canopies across the woodland and hear the roar of the deer as the rut begins.

With over 1,400 acres of parkland at your disposal, there is still so much to see and do in the autumn. See below for fun filled nature activities for little ones, beautiful views for the explorers amongst you and tranquil autumnal moments in the garden.

Autumn in the park

The house and the Cage basking in autumn sun at Lyme, Cheshire

Explore Knightslow Wood

Head to Knightslow Wood for the crunch of leaves underfoot, the earthy smell of the woodland floor and the contrasting colours created by the changing leaves of the beech trees against the evergreen foliage of the pine and spruce. Take in the beautiful views of the house and Cage from the vantage point in the woods.

Two stags lock antlers as part of the rut at Lyme, Cheshire

Rutting season

As autumn edges in, the bellowing of stags can be heard across the park as the rut begins. With their antlers fully regrown and their coats a rich auburn, the mating season is a spectle to be seen, and heard!

Colour beginning to appear on the tops of trees in Lantern Wood, Lyme Park

Lantern Wood from near or far

Lantern Wood is the perfect place to explore during autumn but equally spectacular from afar. Head to the Cage for views of the changing woodland colour and to see the Lantern folly emerging from the tree tops.

See the season change in the garden

The Italian Garden in early autumn at Lyme, Cheshire

An Italian autumn...

This year, the Italian Garden has been filled with perennials, meaning that rather than removing bulbs in September, we will have colour in the beds until the first frosts take their toll. Spot Rudbeckia Goldstrum in the beds and vibrant Viburnum on the banks.

Couple sit on a bench in the garden surrounded by autumnal colours at Lyme, Cheshire

Take a moment in the garden

With so much to see in the garden, take a seat or throw open a picnic blanket and take a moment to take in the autumnal colour that envelopes you.

View from the house to the Lantern in the woodland at Lyme, Cheshire

Trees galore

Surrounded by woodland, its hard to miss the changing colour of leaves from the garden. In the garden keep your eyes peeled for splashes of colour, from the Flowering Dogwood in Vicary Gibbs to the Spindle Tree by the terraces.

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