Experience life in a Regency military camp at Lyme

The 33rd Regiment of Foot are setting up camp in the gardens at Lyme so why not come along and experience what life would have been like in a military camp during the Napoleonic Wars.

Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 June

10.30am-5pm (last entry 4.30pm)

Come and meet the soldiers, officers, surgeon, musicians and women of the 33rd and see if you would have been tempted to join the army 200 years ago!

Throughout the weekend there will be displays including surgery similar to that carried out during the Napoleonic wars, talks on kit, military drills of the period, musical performances and the role of women in King George’s army.

The militia's surgeon is hard at work in the military camp.
Costumed regency military surgeon works at a re-enactment camp
The militia's surgeon is hard at work in the military camp.

The 33rd Regiment of Foot

The 33rd Foot is modelled on a standard battalion company of a line regiment of infantry during the period 1812–1816.  They represent an ordinary company of red-coated line infantry. Emphasis is placed on the life of the ordinary rank and file – the private soldier – that made up the backbone of the British army and faught in Britian's war with the French

Get involved

Head to the wardrobe department in the house to dress up as a lady or gentleman of the Regency and really feel part of the weekend!