Experience Regency Lyme

Thomas Legh, Lyme’s very own Regency Indiana Jones.

Celebrate the life of Thomas Legh. Hear the stories of his daring travels, his coming of age and the story of how he revived Lyme during the 1800s. Dress up in regency costume and experience life in a 19th century household through the eyes of the servants and the family. Take a walk through the park and the gardens to view the transformation of Lyme through Thomas's investment and vision.

House open Friday - Tuesday, 10 February - 4 November.

New for 2018

Regency Life at Lyme

Thomas Legh used his vast fortune and vision to transform Lyme in the early 19th century from a state of sad dilapidation and decay, to one of Cheshire's greatest houses and country estates. Employing the services of Lewis Wyatt, one of the great archictects of the period, he redesigned the house, gardens and park.

Join us on a journey through Regency Lyme. Dress up in Regency costume and make your way through the house and gardens. Enjoy a game of billiards on Lyme's original billiard table, recently reinstated at Lyme.

Meet Thomas Legh

It needed an act of Parliament to make Thomas the legitimate heir to Lyme, as the eldest son of seven children, all born out of wedlock to Colonel Thomas Peter Legh. At the age of 18 he undertook a perilous journey across Asia, to areas little visited by Europeans and encountering several near death experiences on route. Drop in on one of our spotlight talks to find out more about Thomas and his part in Lyme's 600 year history.