Fun activites to enjoy through the summer holidays

Family head out for a walk

We hope you had a lovely visit to Lyme. If you are looking for some fun activities to do from home during the summer holidays that will give you lots of ways to help care for wildlife, then look no further!

Feed the birds

Grab some bird seeds and make some delicious treats for our feathered friends. Choose from fat puddings, peanut butter pine cones or bird necklaces! Find more information here.

Create a wildflower garden perfect for bees and butterflies

Bees and butterflies love having lots of flowers to flitter to and from, collecting nector. If you picked up some wildflower seeds on the summer trail, here are a few ideas of how to plant them in your garden. Find more information here.

DIY Butterfly feeder

Butterflies are a beautiful visitor to have in your garden. Did you know they have a sweet tooth? Have a go at creating this butterfly feeder and treat them ot their favourite snack. Find more information here.

DIY Bug hotel

Bugs are the snack of choice for many of our garden visitors, including bats, birds and ladybirds. Have a go at creating a bug house in your garden! Find out more information here.